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It's all in the past... | Clairvoyant tendencies...

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I took a leap of faith and am afraid that I may have broken my heart in the process.

Hello? Are you there? Are you willing to take some time off your oh-so-busy schedule to pick up the pieces? Or at least sweep the damn things and throw them away properly? You seem to have time to tweet and chit-chat with other people, yet you don't have the time of day to look carefully and realize that you are breaking me with your insensitivity.

When will you realize that, fragmented as I am, I allowed myself to fall in love with you, risking my fragile heart in the process. You promised you'll love me forever. You said you'll try your damn hardest not to hurt me, not to break my heart. You told me I stole your heart, but have no plans of getting it back. That I can keep your heart. I gave you mine too. How come you didn't take good care of it?

Am I done? I don't know...

One more chance? Maybe...

An ultimatum? March...after March and things haven't become better, I'm done...

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